Warm Mix Asphalt


Lintec Ecological Processing (LEP95) system is a warm mix asphalt solution available for all Lintec and Linnhoff asphalt mixing plants. It can also be retrofitted to existing asphalt mixing plants. The system uses proven technology to produce high quality asphalt at a temperature of 95-100°C with the foamed bitumen system.


Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) has the same reliability and functional properties as Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). However, it requires less curing time, so roads can be available faster for traffic. Furthermore, no special paver nor roller is required to lay it and it can be maintained like normal Hot Mix Asphalt.

Designed to help conserve the environment, LEP95 allows asphalt mix to be produced at maximum 95-100°C, reducing energy consumption by 40% and lowering overall bitumen and carbon emission by as much as 35%.

LEP95 shrinks carbon footprint all while making asphalt paving a sustainable option for the future generation.

Integrating RAP material in the mix recipe would result in a sound process that diminishes your cost of asphalt mixing production while conserving our precious natural resources.

For the production of Warm Mix Asphalt, LEP95 can be used with either 100% virgin materials or virgin materials mixed with up to 60% RAP material.

Water sensitivity, stiffness, resistance to fatigue, and resistance to deformation of LEP95 are in accordance with European standard regulatory requirements.

LEP95 is accepted by the Dutch Highway Authorities and over 400,000 tons have been produced in Netherlands since 2009 for the highways (A4) and national roads.

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