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Second Lintec asphalt mixing plant delivered to Aspetro in Guatemala

Second Lintec asphalt mixing plant delivered to Aspetro in Guatemala

August 17, 2021

The CDP 14001M offers easy transport and on-site installation.

    • The CDP 14001M is being used on upgrade work on the iconic Pan-American Highway
    • Aspetro wanted a unit that delivered high quality asphalt but was also very mobile
    • There are now six Lintec asphalt plants in Guatemala

Guatemalan civil engineering and road specialist, Aspetro, has taken delivery of a Lintec CDP 14001M continuous asphalt mixing plant. The company’s latest purchase is its second from Lintec & Linnhoff, having previously purchased a Lintec containerised CSD 1500 asphalt plant in 2017. Local dealer Constructora Dinámica, which facilitated the second deal, also provides full parts and service assistance for Lintec asphalt plants.

The new unit is being employed on the upgrade of a 29 km stretch of the iconic Pan-American Highway. Isidro Garcia Corcoles, Lintec & Linnhoff’s Area Sales Manager for Latin America, Spain and Portugal, said mobility and quality were the two most important key factors for Aspetro when considering this latest acquisition.

Isidro Garcia Corcoles, Area Sales Manager for Latin America, Spain and Portugal, said:

“Our early discussions with Aspetro centred on the ability to rapidly move the plant from one project to another as well as the ability to deliver high quality asphalt,” he said. “After discussing a number of options with the company, they opted for the CDP 14001M and it is proving to be the right choice. So far the project is progressing to schedule and the CDP 14001M is playing a central role keeping work on track.”

Project success

The new plant is working on resurfacing a section of the CA1 Occidente Highway running between Cuatro Caminos and Pologua in the Quetzaltenango region of Guatemala. Aspetro is already using its other unit, the Lintec containerised CSD 1500 on another part of the same project. All of the work is being overseen by the Guatemalan government’s Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing.

The ‘M’ in the CDP 14001M stands for ‘mobile’, with easy transportation and on-site installation just two of the stand-out features on the popular unit. Set-up on site is swift thanks to the plant’s ability to operate on solid compacted ground without the need for concrete foundations.

Features on the plant include a 50 ton hot storage silo and an output capacity of up to 140 tons per hour. There’s also a twin shaft mixer that ensures precise control of the asphalt mix quantities. Sustainability is designed into the unit with its baghouse filter ensuring pollution is minimized and emissions stay low.

Owners can get added versatility from the CDP 14001M thanks to an intelligent design that allows it to adapt to a cold recycling system, which can also use as much as 15% reclaimed asphalt pavement. Wear and tear on the plant’s mixer is significantly reduced as it is manufactured with high-durable alloy.

The second Lintec unit purchased by Aspetro is a CDP 14001M model.

Full support

The arrival of the CDP 14001M means there are now a total of six Lintec asphalt plants in Guatemala. Since becoming distributors for the Lintec brand in 2018 for Guatemala and Honduras, Constructora Dinámica has sold 3 Lintec continuous drum mix asphalt plants.

“The fact that Aspetro has added a second Lintec asphalt plant for this highway project reinforces our reputation for providing flexible, highly mobile asphalt plants that deliver the volume and quality of materials that are needed for large-scale road projects,” concluded Isidro Garcia Corcoles.

Output from the unit can extend up to 140 tons per hour.


Punitha Govindasamy

Senior Marketing Manager

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