Project References

Road paving projects in Kericho, Kenya

Model: Linnhoff TRX1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

Location: Kericho, Kenya

The Linnhoff TRX1000 TransitMix asphalt mixing plant supplied high quality hot mix asphalt for various paving projects in Kericho, Kenya, where the local government has spent over KSh 11.1 billion (US$ 10 million) to construct about 176 km of tarmac road in Kericho County in the last seven years.
The compact TRX1000 asphalt plant is cost-efficient and designed for small-scale projects, producing 40-60 tons of hot mix asphalt per hour. Quick and easy to transport and install due to its absolute modular structure, the TRX TransitMix series provides reliable performance with cutting-edge technology. 


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