WM BaseMix Plant


Linnhoff BaseMix Plant (WM series) produces plant-mix graded aggregate base for the road pavement’s base course. The plant can also be used for stabilisation of road base, graded stones, wet-mix, Cement Treated Base (CTB), Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC), and more.


  • Modular compact plant designed for easy transportation.
  • Installation can be done on solid compacted ground without heavy-concrete foundation for economical setup.
  • Configured for fast deployment with quick and easy setup and dismantling.
  • Specially designed cement dosing system ensures highly accurate dosage of cement to produce a high mix quality.
  • Fully automated PLC system for greater operational security and reliability.
  • Reliable performance with the most rigorous and modern industrial techniques to guarantee the quality of the mix.





Continuous Plant Capacity

Up to 300 tph

Up to 500 tph

Mixer Capacity

Up to 300 tph

Up to 500 tph

Gob Hopper Capacity

10 tons

15 tons

Optional Equipment

Cement / Additive Silo

up to 60 m³

up to 60 m³

Specifications are subject to technical modifications.

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