Linnhoff TSD MobileMix Asphalt Mixing Plant


The Linnhoff TSD MobileMix Asphalt Batch Mix Plant series features mobility with ease of installation, enabling the bitumen mixing plants to be frequently relocated to different job sites. These hot mix asphalt plants are suitable for short-term projects or projects in remote locations. It is designed to maximise the plug-and-play convenience whilst minimising the time spent on mobilisation and demobilisation, with no heavy cranes and heavy-concrete foundations required for its setup.



• Fully integrated four main mobile modules with built-in chassis that are designed to conform to international land transportation requirements and only prime movers are required for quick mobilisation and demobilisation.
• Energy savings with double screening drum technology that reduce overall operating costs from less maintenance and fuel consumption by eliminating the need for hot elevators and vibrating screens.
• Fast setup and dismantling with no heavy cranes and heavy-concrete foundations required.
• Prewired with quick couple cables and rigorously tested prior to shipment for plug-and-play convenience.
• Environmentally friendly with pollution control unit adopting ambient-air cleaning system that cleans exhaust gas and filters dust, ensuring clean air is released into the atmosphere.
• Batch mixing system for quality hot mix asphalt.
• Reliable performance with cutting-edge technology.


1. Mobile Cold Feeder Module

• Inclusive of built-in retaining wall to reduce the need for ramp’s concrete wall.
• Feeder belts are equipped with shaft-mounted inverter-controlled motor for better feeding accuracy.
• Sand hopper is equipped with a vibrator.

2. Mobile Screen Drum Module

• Unique dual function double screening drum system combining drying and screening of aggregates in a single drum.
• The screens are configured for easy replacement.
• Hot Mineral Bins are located directly below the drum to maximise the conductive heat from the Screen Drum and Main Burner.

3. Mobile Weighing & Mixing Module

• Individual weigher with load cells for aggregates, filler, and bitumen.
• Robust twin-shaft mixer equipped with synchronised spur gear and specially designed mixer arms and paddles.

4. Mobile Baghouse & Control Cabin Module

• Baghouse filter unit utilising the ambient-air cleaning system.
• Recuperated filler hopper collects filtered dust particles to be recycled.
• Control cabin is insulated and dust-proof.
• Automated PLC system with manual override.


Model TSD1000 TSD1500 TSD2000
Capacity* 40-60 100-120 120-160
Batch Size 1150 kg 1500 kg 2000 kg

*Capacity as per standard plant performance based on 3% moisture content.
Specifications are subject to technical modifications.