Linnhoff TRX TransitMix Asphalt Mixing Plant


Linnhoff TransitMix Asphalt Batch Plant (TRX) series is specially designed to be transported in sea containers for economical shipments. With a modular structure for quick set up and dismantling processes, it is a cost-efficient asphalt mixing plant highly suitable for short-term or small-scale projects.


  • Each plant module is configured to be transported in sea containers for economical shipment.
  • Energy savings with screen drum technology that reduce overall operating costs from less maintenance and fuel consumption by eliminating the need for hot elevator and vibrating screens.
  • Each TRX module is prefabricated in factory, providing swift modular setup and dismantling, reducing installation time and labour costs.
  • Environmentally friendly with pollution control unit adopting ambient-air cleaning system that cleans exhaust gas and filters dust, ensuring clean air is released into the atmosphere.
  • Batch mixing system for quality hot mix asphalt.
  • Reliable performance with cutting-edge technology.


    Model TRX800 TRX1000 TRX1300
    Capacity* 30-40 tph 40-60 tph 60-80 tph
    Batch Size 800 kg 1000 kg 1300 kg

    *Capacity as per standard plant performance based on 3% moisture content.
    Specifications are subject to technical modifications.