Eurotec MZP Stationary Concrete Batching Plant


The highly automated Eurotec MZP series is the solution for big concrete needs. With models that produce up to 250 cubic metres of ready mix concrete per hour, the MZP series meets the needs of projects requiring thousands of cubic metres a day. At the same time, the MZP ready mix concrete batching plant maintains accuracy in ensuring the quality of concrete.

The MZP series can be customised to suit the requirements of any major project. The twin-shaft mixers, controlled by computerised process control systems running on Windows OS, intensely mixes your concrete in three-dimensional movements.


  • High production capacities performance, with accurate batching and various concrete mix designs for ready mix and precast applications.
  • Can be customised to meet project requirements.
  • Control panel for automatic and manual operations with highly efficient computerised process control system for production.
  • Equipped with independent or cumulative weighing systems for aggregates batching sequences.
  • Can be designed with more than 6 types of aggregates bins with a central-discharge belt conveyor system to the mixers.
  • Can be designed with 1 mixer with 2 discharge chutes to reduce mixer truck waiting time, thus increasing productivity.







Rated Output Capacity*

120 m3/hr

160 m3/hr

200 m3/hr

250 m3/hr

Mixer Type

Twin-Shaft Mixer

Twin-Shaft Mixer

Twin-Shaft Mixer

Twin-Shaft Mixer

Output per Batch

3000 litres

4000 litres

4500 litres

6000 litres

Aggregate Batching Sequence





Cement Weigher

2000 kg

2750 kg

3000 kg

4000 kg

Water Weigher

750 kg

1000 kg

1200 kg

1500 kg

Additive Weigher

2 x 20 litres

2 x 20 litres

2 x 20 litres

2 x 50 litres

Connection Power

184 kW

194 kW

235 kW

340 kW

Generator Set Capacity

350 kVA

350 kVA

500 kVA

600 kVA

*Output based on Max 3 aggregates weighing.
All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.