LEA Containerised Ice and Chilled Water Plant


Lintec LEA 100 is a containerised ice or ice water plant that has dual capabilities to produce ice of up to 100 tons/day and generate chilled water down to 1 °C with a rated capacity of 244 m³/day.


  • The LEA100 produces ice with up to 30-50% less energy consumption compared with a conventional drum ice plant of similar capacity.
  • With its unique dual-function design, LEA can produce either ice or ice water from the same ice generator module.
  • With LEA, its plate ice heat exchanger is flexible enough to manage water with high TDS levels of 500-1000 ppm and up to the limits allowable for the safe production of concrete as stipulated under ASTM guidelines.
  • The Lintec LS60 storage features the first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle that always prioritises the consumption of the oldest ice. It saves time, labour, and ice.
  • The fully containerised plug-and-play design ensures rapid and accurate installation on-site. With its modular design, LEA makes swift upgrades possible.
  • The LEA100 plant design features an ice plant with fewer moving parts, reducing any probable breakdown making it virtually maintenance-free.
  • The Lintec LEA100 plant operates using ammonia (NH3), the most efficient natural refrigerant and an environmental-friendly solution. As a standard feature, all Lintec LEA100 plants are equipped with an ammonia detection and alarm system.


Cooling surface

154 m²

Evaporator material

1.4404 stainless steel

Maximum permissible operating pressure (refrigeration cycle)

17 bar

Number of evaporator plates

38 items

Evaporator content

ca. 324L

Ice type

Plated ice

Ice thickness

5-9 mm

Maximum ice production

4.16 tph (100tpd)

Ice temperature

-5 to -1 °C

Maximum ice water production

18m³/hr (32m³/d)

Minimum ice water production

10.2m³/hr (244m³/d)

Water outlet temperature

0.5 to 2 °C

Maximum water inlet temperature for given cold water performance

45 °C

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