Eurotec Ecodry ECD Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant


The Eurotec Ecodry ECD dry mix concrete batching plant weighs sand, gravel and cement in batch weighing systems, and discharges them through a chute and into a mixing truck. Water is also being weighed or metered and discharged through the same charging chute and mixer truck.

All these ingredients are then mixed in the mixer truck’s drum during the transportation to the job site. Using drum agitators, the concrete in dry mix plants are stirred while being transported to the job site to prevent settling. When the transportation time becomes affected by heavy traffic conditions, the mixer truck’s driver will sometimes have to add water into the drum, depending on his experience.

Unlike a wet ready mix concrete plant, a dry mix plant doesn’t have a mixer. Dry batching plants will usually see more variations in standard deviation of breaking strength and concrete quality changes from load to load. A dry mix concrete batching plant can be fully automated in operations using our ECS Process Control System software which runs on a user-friendly Windows OS.


  • Higher production capacity and lower energy consumption since concrete can be mixed without water.
  • Lower maintenance costs and shorter maintenance time due to a mixer-free operation.
  • Lower operating costs than a wet mix batching plant.






Rated Output Capacity*

30 m3/hour

60 m3/hour

90 m3/hour

Aggregate Storage Capacity

36 m3

36 m3

48 m3

No. of Aggregate Bins

3 to 4

3 to 4

3 to 4

Aggregate Batching Sequence




Cement Weigher

1200 litres

2000 litres

2500 litres

Water Weigher

Impulse Meter

Impulse Meter

Impulse Meter

Cement Silo Screw Conveyor, Diameter

193 mm

219 mm

273 mm

Discharge Cement Screw Conveyor, Diameter

193 mm

193 mm

219 mm

Connection Power

50 kW

90 kW

130 kW

Generator Set Capacity

80 kVA

150 kVA

250 kVA

*Output based on Max 3 Aggregates Weighing

NB: All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice