Cement Pump


Designed with high efficiency and portability in mind

Our cement pump has a simple design and works with an air compressor unit. It has an electric motor to drive the cement screw and use the air compressor to pump the loaded cement into Cement Silos. This equipment works well for small to medium construction projects, achieving feats that are impossible for Bulk Cement Tanker Trucks.


  • Portable design for easy transportation
  • Simple design and low maintenance
  • Can pump to Silos at max. 30m height (12 tons/hour capacity)
  • Most suitable for rural areas and small projects


(for 50kg Bag)

ECP150 w/ Elevated Hopper (for 1-ton Bag)

Cement Hopper Capacity

250 kg

1000 kg

Connection Power

7.5 kW

7.5 kW

Max Pumping Height @ Pumping Capacity 15 tons/hour

12 m

12 m

Max Pumping Height @ Pumping Capacity 12 tons/hour

30 m

30 m

Note: An ordinary portable diesel or electric air compressor with minimum specification of air delivery 4,000 litres/min, and minimum operating air pressure of 2 bars has to be used to provide air for the cement pump. This air compressor is not included in this offer.