Lintec CDP Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant


A premium product that will suit your needs, the Lintec CDP range features either a containerised or a mobile framework that allows for easy transportation and convenient installation on the job site. The main components of Lintec continuous asphalt mix plant (CDP4000C) are housed in a ISO sea container which can be easily land-transported and sea-shipped with low freight cost. Other models’ main components come with built-in chassis for fast re-mobilisation on land.


  • The CDP continuous mixing plant can be assembled on a suitable and solid compacted ground, without the need for concrete foundations.
  • Optional Aggregates Loading System (ALS)* for CDP4000C and CDP5001M allows a more flexible plant layout whereby loading ramp is not required, thus lowering set-up costs.
  • The plant has been conceptualised for easy and quick set-up and dismantling, making it suitable for short-term projects or mobilisation from one project to another.
  • The Baghouse Filter ensures a low rate of particulate emissions, complying to environmental emission regulations.
  • The plant can be adapted to a cold recycling system that can use up to 15% of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) material, conserving natural resources.
  • This asphalt plant is developed with the latest software and evaluated with the most rigorous industrial techniques, to ensure the quality of the hot mix asphalt.
  • The plant’s mixer reduces wear and tear as it is manufactured with high-durable alloy.
  • The mixing process is done separately in a twin-shaft mixer, ensuring precise control of the asphalt mix quality.



Model CDP4000C
Capacity* 30-40 t/h


Model CDP5001M CDP6000M CDP8000M CDP12000M/
Capacity* 30-50 t/h 40-60 t/h 60-80 t/h 100-120 t/h 120-140 t/h 140-160 t/h

* As per standard performance conditions at 3% moisture content.
All specifications are subject to technical modifications