Silo Accessories Kit & Dust Filter


Italian-made silo accessories kit & dust filter for efficient silo operations

Our accessories kit for each silo comprises of manual butterfly valve, pressure relief valve, high & low levels Indicator and aeration pads with mounting brackets. Known for its good quality and reliable components, they provide our clients with an assuring performance and reliability for long-term use.

Our Dust Filter was designed and manufactured with top-grade aluminium alloy and stainless steel. It contains a pulse air jet cleaning component, air tank, impulse valves, air distribution manifold and a control board. The hinged cover design enables easy extraction of the cartridges from the top side to allow easy access to the filtering units and pulse air jet cleaning system for simple and quick maintenance.

Skyfilter cartridge is suitable for numerous kinds of powders. This innovative high-performance filter cuts down the level of pollution while improving the efficiency and filtering quality. Having been applied on silos with different kinds of powders, it’s long been recognised for its compact and solid structure that makes installation simple for both existing and new plants.




Complete Kit Components Silo Accessories Kit
1) Manual Butterfly Valve, Dia. 300mm
2) Pressure Relief Valve
3) High & Low Levels Indicator
1 set
4) Aeration Pads w/ Mounting Brackets
3 set

Dust Filter Technical Specifications

Dust Filter
Filter Unit with Pre-Separating Stand
1 set
Body in Stainless Steel (AISI 304)
1 set
Aluminium Cover with Hinges & Padlock
1 set
Pulse Air Jet Cleaning System (Tank, Valve, Manifolds)
1 set
Digital Adjustable Sequencer
Manual Butterfly Valve
Galvanised Steel Cartridge Mounting Plate
Polyester SkyFilter Cartridge
Mounted on Silo Top
Applicable for 1 unit of silo
Mounted on Ground Level
Applicable for 3 units of silos

Note: Other bigger sizes of Control Cabins are available. Please contact us for details.

Additional information
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Concrete Functionality

Silo Accessories Kit & Dust Filter