Screening Technology


Our unique Screen Drum System combines the drying and screening processes of aggregates in one drum. The aggregates move through the drying drum in counterflow method. The heated aggregates drop through the slots onto the screens on the outer side of the drum. Carried by the rotation of the drum and the spiralling flights, the heated aggregates then pass through the screens into the respective hot bin without losing any heat radiated from the drum. 

This results in lesser operating costs from reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs due to the elimination of hot elevator and vibrating screens. There is no more maintenance needed from the high wear-and-tear parts of the hot elevator, plus, without hot elevator, route of dried aggregates is shortened, and unnecessary heat dissipations are eliminated. The proximity of Screen Drum to the Hot Mineral Bins ensures the maximum heat retention to the aggregates.



Vibration Screen Technology

In this Vibration Screen Unit, the material is dried from the drum standing on the ground and conveyed by using a chain bucket elevator up to the screening machine. Here, the material is screened again into the respective fraction. The heated aggregates are conveyed from one screen deck to the next by vibration. Oversize aggregates will be discharged directly over the oversize channel. After the heated aggregates pass through the screens they fall into the respective hot bin without losing any heat radiated. It allows for multiple screening for high screening capacities.

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Screening Technology

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