Lintec ECP Eco Concrete Batching Plant


The Lintec ECP Portable Series presents an innovative, modular solution that not only streamlines construction processes but also significantly reduces costs. This series emphasises convenience. Its fully automated operations, compact design, and economical features make it an ideal choice for space-saving needs. By minimising foundation requirements and eliminating the need for extensive loading ramps, it optimises resource utilisation. Optional inline-bin available upon request. Whether for batch or wet mix applications, the series ensures efficient material handling. Moreover, the in-built control cabin enhances operational efficiency, while quadrant aggregate bins facilitate dual-side loading. Overall, the Lintec ECP Portable Series delivers both convenience and substantial cost savings.




Model ECP60 ECP90
Rated Output Capacity*
60 m3/hr
90 m3/hr
Mixer Type
Twin-Shaft Mixer
Twin-Shaft Mixer
Output per Batch
1.0 m3
2.0 m3
No. of Aggregate Bins
Aggregate Batching Sequence
Cement Weigher
1000 kg
1200 kg
Water Weigher
500 kg
600 kg
Additive Weigher
2 x 12 litres
2 x 20 litres
Connection Power
90 kW
180 kW
Generator Set Capacity
150 kVA
250 kVA

*Output based on Max 3 Aggregates Weighing

NB: All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice

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Lintec ECP Eco Concrete Batching Plant