Linnhoff NVX Novamax Asphalt Mixing Plant


Linnhoff NVX NovaMax asphalt plants are designed for the most efficient asphalt mixing operation with hot elevator and vibrating screens. Its modules are configured for quick installation and compact footprint, making it an economical asphalt mixing plant suitable for any paving project.




Model NVX1000 NVX1500
60 - 80 tph
100 - 120 tph
Number of hoppers
4 bins
4 bins
Number of screening decks
4 decks
4 decks
Type of fuel
Diesel / Heavy Oil / Gas
Diesel / Heavy Oil / Gas
Mixer capacity
1000 kg
1500 kg

*Capacity as per standard plant performance based on 3% moisture content.
Specifications are subject to technical modifications.

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Linnhoff NVX Novamax Asphalt Mixing Plant