HRC Hot Recycling System


Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) material can be recycled with our asphalt recycling systems. Not only will this ensure your role in the conservation of our natural resources, but it will also lower your production costs by using less raw materials, such as bitumen and aggregates.

The asphalt recycling system allows the virgin asphalt plant to recycle RAP material by mixing it together with virgin aggregates for the hot mix asphalt. RAP material is gathered from excavation of road pavement or milling waste, which is then pulverised by an asphalt recycling granulator, processed and screened into different sizes required, before being mixed with the virgin aggregates. Excavated chunks of asphalt pavement would need to be crushed with an asphalt granulator to ensure that the original grain size of aggregate is maintained, and excessive fines or asphalt dust are reduced.

Up to 60% RAP material can be recycled with HRC. RAP material is heated with hot air from a hot air generator in a parallel recycling drum. The heated RAP material is then weighed before being mixed with virgin materials in the mixer of the asphalt mixing plant.




Hot Recycling Plant
RAP Content: Up to 60%

*Capacity as per standard plant performance based on 3% moisture content.
Specifications are subject to technical modifications.

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HRC Hot Recycling System

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