Project References

Prese Montegrande Dam Construction

Model: Lintec CSD1500 Containerised Asphalt Plant

Location: Dominican Republic

Duration: 2020

Construction consortium, Consorcio Montegrande, is using this plant to produce asphalt for the core of the Prese Montegrande dam in the west of the Dominican Republic. The asphalt core will create a highly robust water-proof seal to the dam to prevent leakages and hydraulic base failure. When completed, the dam will provide flood control for the region while allowing the use of the water from the Yaqué del Sur River for irrigation purposes.

“We decided on the CSD1500 asphalt mixing plant as the Lintec brand has a very good reputation in the Brazilian market,” said a spokesperson from Consorcio Montegrande. “We enjoy using our CSD1500 plant as it is easy to install and transport while featuring high-quality engineering.”


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