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Prepare for take-off: Lintec CSM4000 drives airport expansion in Russia

Prepare for take-off: Lintec CSM4000 drives airport expansion in Russia

March 25, 2021


    •  The new runway at Novy Urengoy requires up to 3,000 tonnes of asphalt per day.
    • Local company OOO Urengoydorstroy selected the Lintec plant because it had the capacity to meet the needs of the demanding project and also because of its high reliability and quality.


A powerful CSM4000 asphalt mixing plant from Lintec is driving construction of a new airport runway in the harsh surroundings of Western Siberia. The plant is owned by construction materials supplier Urengoydorstroy, which is providing asphalt each day to the runway rebuilding job at Novy Urengoy Airport, located 4 km south of Novy Urengoy in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okurg.

Evgeniy Kireev, chief engineer at Urengoydorstroy, said selecting the right machine for the project was easy.

“We needed a powerful asphalt manufacturing plant and opted for the Lintec CSM4000,” he said. “The demand levels for the airport project are always high, and in fact since we started they have increased dramatically. The construction schedule for building the new runway is extremely tight, so as work has progressed, we are even more thankful we can make use of the CSM4000.”

The CSM 4000 is one of the most powerful units in the range of asphalt mixing plants from Lintec. It is capable of a production output of up to 320 tonnes per hour, and on the Novy Urengoy Airport project it is delivering anything from 2,500 to 3,000 tonnes to the jobsite each day.

Asphalt mixing plants from Lintec were the first in the industry to utilize containerised design for optimum transportation, both in terms of speed and cost. At the jobsite, this modularized design makes it quick and easy to put the plants together; and similarly when it is time to disassemble and move to the next project the process is equally fast and efficient. Users enjoy the simplicity of the stackable design, while a single, lockable door provides access to the plant tower for maximum security.

Evgeniy Kireev, said the technology and design of the CSM4000 delivered tangible savings on the jobsite.

“We’ve been using the plant since last summer and its automated production technology really reduces the manpower we need to commit to asphalt production,” he said. “In addition, we’re really impressed with the quality of asphalt the plant produces, especially given the speed at which it operates.”

The reconstruction of the runway at Novy Urengoy Airport is part of a major upgrade to the regional aviation hub. Other work in the EUR40 million infrastructure scheme includes the development of a new terminal building covering 18,000 sq. m which will welcome up to 1.45 million passengers a year. Work is being overseen by local government body, the Airports of Regions Management Company.


Punitha Govindasamy

Senior Marketing Manager

Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte Ltd

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