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New Linnhoff DRX and TSD asphalt plants to be built in India to serve local market

New Linnhoff DRX and TSD asphalt plants to be built in India to serve local market

May 23, 2022

The Linnhoff DRX DurableMix (pictured) and Linnhoff TSD MobileMix asphalt plants will be manufactured by Gainwell in India.

  • To serve the specific needs of the Indian market, Lintec & Linnhoff has appointed Gainwell Engineering to begin production of a new asphalt plant series with immediate effect.
  • The Linnhoff DRX and TSD asphalt plants include a host of features and benefits, and will be sold and serviced via Gainwell Commosales.

Lintec & Linnhoff used Excon India 2022 in Bengaluru to announce the launch of its new Linnhoff DRX DurableMix asphalt plant series. It also launched its locally manufactured Linnhoff TSD1500 MobileMix asphalt plant. The plants will be built by its newly appointed licensed manufacturing partner, Gainwell Engineering Private Limited.

Linnhoff DRX DurableMix Asphalt Plant

There will be two models in the new series: the DRX1500DS, with a maximum capacity output of 120 tons per hour; and the DRX2000DS, with a maximum capacity output of 160 tons per hour. Both units offer productive operation with a batch cycle time of between 45 and 55 seconds and share a host of trademark features familiar to Linnhoff customers.

Foremost of these is the double screen drum, which combines the drying and screening of aggregates in a single drum to deliver the highest levels of operating efficiency. The inclusion of the double screen drum eliminates the need for a hot elevator or vibrating screens, which translates to lower operating costs and reduced maintenance requirements for Linnhoff customers.

Environmental credentials are boosted thanks to a pollution control unit that includes an ambient-air cleaning system to purify exhaust gas and filter dust. This means clean air is released into the atmosphere. Precision and quality of the asphalt mix is assured thanks to a design that includes a separate weighing system with load cells for aggregates, filler and bitumen. Customers can be assured of reliability through Linnhoff’s long-standing business model that combines German engineering with local manufacturing using the highest quality materials and components.

Linnhoff TSD MobileMix Asphalt Plant

Lintec & Linnhoff also launched its locally-built TSD1500 MobileMix plant from the Linnhoff brand at Excon India 2022. These units appeal to customers in India thanks to their high mobility attributed to four fully integrated main mobile modules with built-in chassis.

The TSD1500 features a maximum capacity of 120 tons per hour and is designed to conform to international land transportation requirements. Only prime movers are required for quick mobilisation and demobilisation. By offering important advantages in terms of enhanced mobility, the TSD1500 is ideal for use in remote locations or short-term projects. 

All units come equipped with a hydraulic power pack self-jacking system, which avoids the need for high-capacity cranes during installation and dismantling. As with the new DRX models, they also include double-screen drum technology for reduced fuel consumption and maintenance.

The Linnhoff TSD MobileMix asphalt plant is a perfect choice for short-term projects in remote jobsites due to its high mobility.

Make in India
Lee Yen Meng, CEO at Lintec & Linnhoff Asphalt Pte Ltd said:

“We’ve designed these new units to meet the needs of Indian customers, with a strong focus on productivity, speed and ease of use. These asphalt mixing plants are well-suited for all types of projects, and will be a great addition to the existing population of over 400 Linnhoff asphalt plants in India.”

Manav Kohli, Chief Operating Officer – CI, Gainwell Commosales Pvt Ltd commented:

“We are very excited to be partnering Lintec & Linnhoff with their legacy brands spanning over 100 years of heritage, and with a long-standing history and reputation in India. This partnership will enable us to extend comprehensive solutions to our customers. The DRX and TSD series of asphalt plants feature fast set-up and dismantling, and each unit is manufactured at the Gainwell facility in Asansol, providing for faster delivery.”

All Linnhoff asphalt mixing plants will be sold and serviced locally in India by Gainwell Commosales Pvt Ltd.


Punitha Govindasamy

Senior Marketing Manager

Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte Ltd