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Lintec CSM asphalt mixing plants travel across Inner Mongolia

Lintec CSM asphalt mixing plants travel across Inner Mongolia

March 8, 2022    

    • The ease of transporting Lintec CSM containerised asphalt batch plants was a key factor in the contractor’s purchasing decision, due to the long distances between consecutive jobs.
    • The plants worked on the 96 km Jingwu Expressway, which halves the travel time between Jingpeng, a tourist attraction in Inner Mongolia, and Beijing.

Lintec’s CSM4000 and 5000 asphalt batch plants have proven invaluable for several major road projects carried out by the Inner Mongolia Road & Bridge Group Co. Ltd in this remote autonomous region in northern China. This is due to the huge output capacity and ease of transport of the asphalt plants.

The Lintec CSM5000 containerised asphalt plant worked on the 26 km long G65 BaoMao Expressway before moving on to the construction of the Jingwu Expressway

In 2020, a CSM5000 had produced 720,000 tons of asphalt for the reconstruction of 26 km of the eight-lane G65 BaoMao Expressway running south from Baotou. The asphalt plant was then relocated with ease to face a new challenge on the Jingwu Expressway in the Hexigten Banner, Chifeng area.

Tony Liu, CEO of Lintec & Linnhoff in China said:

“The contractor from the Department of Transportation of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region found this class-leading portability feature a key reason for their purchase. Their main business is the construction, reconstruction and expansion of expressways in Inner Mongolia, but due to the vast territory of this region, the next jobsite can often be hundreds of kilometres away. This is why they need plants that can be easily relocated to another jobsite and place an emphasis on the rapid setup and disassembly.”

Intelligent design

Lintec CSM asphalt plants offer outstanding advantages with their modular structure. This is made possible with a design that fully utilises the many benefits of ISO certified sea containers. This provides safe, efficient and economical transportation, as well as speedy dismantling and installation.

In 2021, the CSM5000 was commissioned for the third leg of the 96 km Jingwu Expressway that connects Jingpeng town with Ulan Butong Grassland. This is a region of outstanding natural beauty that is growing in popularity for tourists due to its frequent appearances in TV and movie productions. For one 28 km section of this highway, the mixing plant produced an impressive 275,000 tons of asphalt.

The Lintec CSM4000 containerised asphalt plant was subsequently procured for the construction of the Jingwu Expressway after seeing the success of the CSM5000 plant on the G65 project

As a result of the success of this CSM5000 on the G65 project, Inner Mongolia Road & Bridge Group also purchased the CSM4000 containerised asphalt plant. This unit was used on the fourth leg of the expressway and ultimately produced 320,000 tons of asphalt for a 30 km section of road.

The contractor’s annual asphalt production easily reaches a million tons, so a high batching accuracy is required to avoid wastage of raw materials. The CSM4000 and 5000 asphalt plants offer an hourly output of 320 tons and 400 tons respectively, supported by a German-made operating system that ensures precise mixing.

The prestigious international projects completed by Lintec asphalt plants such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge are testimony to the superior build quality of the brand. Lintec offers timely and attentive after-sales service and places emphasis on the safety and stability of its equipment.

Improving regional transport

Construction of the ¥6.063 bn (US$952 m) Jingwu Expressway, which adopts the standard construction of a 26 m-wide expressway, began in 2019 and is scheduled for completion by October 2023.

By reducing the typical Jingpeng to Ulan Butong journey time by half and helping shorten travel time to Beijing, the expressway is expected to improve regional transportation conditions, promote the development of ecological tourism resources, and drive social and economic development.

The Lintec CSM series of asphalt plants is built in ISO certified sea containers for economical shipment and fast installation and dismantling


Punitha Govindasamy

Senior Marketing Manager

Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte Ltd

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