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Lintec CSD2500B containerised asphalt mixing plant begins work on Yap Island airport rehabilitation project in Micronesia

May 16, 2023

The Lintec CSD2500B containerised asphalt mixing plant will be producing 26,000 tons of hot mix asphalt for the 6,400 ft-long runway rehabilitation projects on Yap Island.

      • The 6,400 ft-long runway rehabilitation on Yap Island will require 26,000 tons of hot mix asphalt and is set to be completed in little over a year.
      • The Lintec CSD2500B’s containerised design is ideal for working across distant island groups in remote Pacific Islands thanks to its portability.

GPPC Inc. acquired a Lintec CSD2500B containerised asphalt mixing plant and it has started work on the runway and taxiway rehabilitation project at Yap International Airport (YAP). The airport is located in the Yap Islands, also known as Wa’ab, in the Federated States of Micronesia. Located in the western Pacific Ocean almost 900 miles due east of the Philippines, the airport runway was due for improvement to support international connections to Guam and Palau.

The containerised design of the Lintec CSD range of asphalt mixing plants enables easy, economical transportation making it very practical for project works which is highly valued among customers worldwide.  The contractor wanted to leverage on this benefit as the plant will eventually be moved across the remote Pacific Islands.

The project started in April 2022 and the plant was installed in January 2023, ready to begin repaving the 6,400 ft-long, 200 ft-wide runway with approximately 26,000 tons of hot mix asphalt. After the job is completed around April 2024, the CSD2500B’s huge portability advantages will be valuable when the plant moves to nearby islands for the next project.

The Lintec CSD2500B’s containerised design provides portability advantages ideal for working across distant island groups in remote Pacific islands.

Atoll islands

“There are several unique, major challenges that are present when working on remote islands,” said Jefferson Gayas, Project Manager, GPPC Inc. “Getting hold of quality materials can be difficult, and equipment is often in short supply. It’s also rare for projects or consecutive jobs to take place on the same island so the ease with which the CSD2500B can be relocated makes that task much less of a headache.”

Island projects are typically smaller, which results in quicker completion schedules so the modular construction of the CSD asphalt mixing plant lends itself to rapid and convenient dismantling and installation. Built entirely within ISO certified sea containers, this flagship Lintec design can be efficiently and economically transported on land and sea.  The internal components are also protected from salt ingress during sea transport – a vital consideration when travelling between Pacific Islands. 

Once delivered to the new jobsite, the rigid nature of the containers greatly reduces plant setup cost. It removes the need for concrete foundations to be prepared due to their high stability on suitably compacted soil. Their enclosed structure provides a clean and tidy industrial appearance while also enhancing security via a single, lockable main access door.

As an ideal choice for both small and big projects, the CSD2500B provides an output of up to 160 tph, in 2500 kg batches. Its double screen drum technology combines the heating and screening of aggregates in a single unit. This eliminates the need for a hot elevator and vibrating screens, greatly reducing fuel consumption and maintenance.

“Historically, the Yap Islanders were the Pacific’s most renowned and talented sailors, navigating accurately by using their vast knowledge of the stars and ocean wave patterns,” added Alan Ong, General Sales Manager, Lintec & Linnhoff Asphalt. “Today they still give importance to effective and time-proven means of reliable transportation – whether that’s airports providing vital supplies or being able to ship asphalt plants for hundreds of miles with minimum fuss!”

Jefferson Gayas, Project Manager, GPPC Inc. with the Lintec CSD2500B at the jobsite in Yap Islands.


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