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Lintec CDP5001M continuous asphalt plant supports the long road ahead for Latin America’s infrastructure programmes

Lintec CDP5001M continuous asphalt plant supports the long road ahead for Latin America’s infrastructure programmes

February 22, 2022

    • Road programmes across the region are driving demand for Lintec’s popular asphalt plant
    • Brazil-built Lintec CDP5001M asphalt plant delivers a wealth of benefits to projects including ease of mobility, high output and low emissions.

With its easy transportation, high production output and compact design, the Lintec CDP5001M continuous asphalt plant is proving one of the most popular choices for road-building contractors in Latin America. And with the slate of upcoming infrastructure projects continuing to rise, the future looks bright for this customer favourite.

Isidro Garcia Corcoles, Area Sales Manager for Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Lintec & Linnhoff said:

“Customers all across Latin America are showing interest in the CDP5001M asphalt plant; and we currently have plants at work in Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico among others. The feedback we get from customers is that they like its ease of set-up, particularly for short-term road projects or jobs where it needs to be regularly mobilised. Also, because we build the CDP5001M locally in Brazil, it significantly reduces logistics costs for customers.”

The Lintec CDP5001M asphalt plant is built on a mobile chassis for fast and easy re-mobilisation on land

On the job

One project that recently harnessed the productivity and efficiency of the CDP5001M asphalt plant is an initiative to repair asphalt highways in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico where two plants were supplied by local dealer Tracsa for a 12-month programme of work. Isidro Garcia Corcoles said the CDP5001M was the perfect choice for this kind of job.

The Guadalajara roads programme was relatively small so the CDP5001M asphalt plant brought the kind of agility and flexibility that other plants can’t offer. The customer on this job loved how quick they were to set-up at the start and pack-up at the end, as well as how they delivered high quality and cost-effective productivity in between.

Another project that features a Lintec CDP5001M continuous asphalt mixing plant is the Tranche III Road project, in Guatemala. Here, the unit is working on the Section III Road stage, connecting La Libertad – Rio Copon – Asencion Copon and San Juan Chactela. Installed in 2020, the plant is supplying high-quality asphalt for the project over a three-year period.

The Lintec CDP5001M asphalt plant features easy and quick setup and dismantling, making it suitable for short-term project

Packed with features

The CDP5001M asphalt mixing plant boasts a production capacity of 30-50 tons of hot mix asphalt per hour and is fully automated, with a control system that allows the operator to manage all functions from inside the control cabin. It also offers remote access, so managers can monitor project progress, troubleshoot issues and activate program updates from a separate location.

Other outstanding features of the CDP5001M include the counterflow dryer drum, automatic burner and an external pugmill mixer to help produce a more homogenous asphalt mix.

The Lintec CDP5001M asphalt plant has a small footprint, making it a great choice for sites where space is at a premium. The CDP5001M plant comes with a mobile framework and is built on a mobile chassis helping it deliver its trademark easy transportation and fast installation.

For accurate aggregate dosing on site, the asphalt plant features three aggregate cold feed hoppers with individual weighers. Furthermore, the entire plant, including the bitumen and fuel tank, boiler and control cabin is included in the same chassis. This makes the Lintec CDP5100M a fully integrated, mobile plant. Sustainability is a major focus in the design too, with the baghouse filter ensuring a low rate of particulate emissions. The entire plant can also be adapted to a cold recycling system, which uses up to 15% of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) material.

Bright future

The CDP5001M asphalt plant will continue to be a popular choice in Latin America. There is a strong pipeline of infrastructure programs across the region, with more to come. Brazil is looking to attract almost US $200 billion in new infrastructure investment while Mexico will embark on a road building program that will see 16 new highways created. These programmes only serve to highlight the need for efficient asphalt plants that can deliver projects on time and budget with minimum disruption to stakeholders.

The fully automated Lintec CDP5001M’s control system allows the operator to manage all functions from inside the control cabin


Punitha Govindasamy

Senior Marketing Manager

Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte Ltd