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Linnhoff asphalt plants hit 1.5-million-ton mark on Trans-Sumatra Toll Road

Linnhoff asphalt plants hit 1.5-million-ton mark on Trans-Sumatra Toll Road

October 5, 2021

The stationary Linnhoff CMX1500 CompactMix asphalt plant is easy to transport for owners.

    • A diverse selection of nine mobile and stationary asphalt plants is supporting a 10-year infrastructure project that is crucial for the island of Sumatra’s economic future.
    • Approximately a quarter of the toll road is now in operation, enhancing journeys in most areas of the island, made possible by the high mobility of the Linnhoff asphalt plants.

A varied cross-section of Linnhoff asphalt plants has now produced well over 1.5 million tons of hot mix asphalt, and is continuing its work to ensure Indonesia’s IDR 500 trillion (USD 35 billion) Trans-Sumatra Toll Road remains on course for completion by 2024.

This project comprises over 2,000 km of toll roads connecting Bakauheni in the far south of the island with Banda Aceh at its northernmost tip, plus three supporting corridors that link the main corridors with the west coast. Approximately a quarter of this ambitious 10-year project is now officially in operation.

Indonesia’s road connectivity has long been highlighted by the government as a vital springboard for economic advancement. So with plans to boost growth in Sumatra through a new road network, it was vital for PT. Hutama Karya, which is overseeing the project, to guarantee the success of the project.

A total of nine Linnhoff asphalt plants – seven TSD1500 MobileMix, one CMX1500 CompactMix and one TRX1300 TransitMix – have been working on several segments of this toll road to meet the target.

Hit the road

Having moved from one section of the project to another, the high mobility potential of the Linnhoff TSD1500 MobileMix asphalt plants has more than justified their selection.

Configured from four main mobile modules, the Linnhoff TSD MobileMix asphalt plants are ideal for short-term or remote projects. Each module features a built-in chassis and quick-coupling cables for plug-and-play convenience, ensuring rapid mobilisation and deployment. Heavy and time-consuming concrete foundations are not required, while setup and dismantling can all be achieved without the need for heavy cranes thanks to the hydraulic self-jacking support system.

The most popular plants supporting this project are Linnhoff’s mid-range TSD1500 MobileMix model. This model offers a production capacity of up to 120 tons per hour (at 3% moisture) and is equipped with the company’s unique screen drum technology. This technology combines both drying and screening of aggregates in one drum, eliminating the need for hot elevator and vibrating screens which, in turn, greatly reduces maintenance and fuel consumption.

The Linnhoff TRX1300 TransitMix on site in southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

Modular design

In addition, two stationary Linnhoff asphalt plants from the CMX CompactMix and TRX TransitMix range are working on this project. With their modular structure, these asphalt plants are still relatively portable and easy to relocate. Each module is designed to be shipped in a shipping container, and the design is focused on reducing setup and dismantling time and costs for owners, as well as providing easy maintenance access to all levels.

Supporting construction at several sections in Palembang and Lampung in the southern part of Sumatra, the compact, economical and reliable TRX1300 TransitMix and CMX1500 CompactMix asphalt plants share the same highly efficient screen drum technology as the portable TSD MobileMix design. The TRX1300 TransitMix, the largest in this range, features a 1.3 ton mixer that provides a production capacity of up to 80 tons per hour, while the CMX1500 CompactMix is able to produce up to 120 tons per hour (at 3% moisture).

With such a long ‘point-to-point’ project like this – where different sections are constructed simultaneously – the portability of the asphalt plants is just as important as reliability,” says Mr. Teo Siang Leong, the General Manager (Sales) of Lintec & Linnhoff Asphalt Pte Ltd.

Mr. Teo Siang Leong, the General Manager (Sales) of Lintec & Linnhoff Asphalt Pte Ltd, said:

“Linnhoff’s TSD MobileMix asphalt plants have proved to be the perfect solution for quickly getting new sections underway as work elsewhere is completed. And the stationary asphalt plants are really living up to their reputation for solid performance.”

One of the seven Linnhoff TSD1500 MobileMix asphalt plants helping with the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road.


Punitha Govindasamy

Senior Marketing Manager

Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte Ltd

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