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Latest Eurotec purchase marks third ECO concrete batching plant for Mali contractor ZFM

February 14, 2023

The new Eurotec ECO90 (pictured) installed in Bamako, Mali will supply high-quality concrete to local contractors.

  • The new ECO90 joins the existing ECO30 and ECO50 machines that belong to Z For Mining (ZFM).
  • The company now owns three of the four models that make up the ECO range.
  • ZFM usually provides contract mining services, however the new ECO90 in Bamako will supply high-quality concrete to local contractors.


Following its recent purchase of an ECO90 stationary concrete batching plant, a Mali-based contractor now owns three of the four units that make up the Eurotec ECO range. Z For Mining (ZFM) has been an enthusiastic advocate of Eurotec machinery ever since it acquired its first model, a second-hand ECO30, from a local contractor in 2013. The company, which provides contracting services such as roadbuilding and the civil works of crushers, thickeners and mills, etc., for mines across the West African nation, immediately set the plant to work, producing all the concrete required for the extension of a SOMISY gold mine.

Soon after this, ZFM acquired a brand-new ECO50 model that was also installed at the Syama gold mine, where it supported the shotcreting of underground tunnels. Daily production output of both the ECO30 and the ECO50 varied between 10-100 m3 in response to the needs of the project and client requests.

Most recently, ZFM took delivery of a brand-new Eurotec ECO90. Installed in the Mali capital, Bamako, this plant has already begun operations in January 2023, supplying ready-mix concrete to local contractors – many of whom will be involved in supporting the nationwide push to increase public housing construction.

The Eurotec ECO90 uses our proprietary ECS software to produce a precise and fast production rate of 90 m3.

Pinpoint accuracy

With an output of up to 90 m3/hour with mixer size at 2 m3 per batch, the ECO90 features a cement weigher and water weigher, both of which are accurately metered using load cells. Optional additive weighers can also operate in conjunction with Eurotec’s in-house developed ECS process-control system software. The ECS program runs on a user-friendly Windows OS and helps to produce a precise and consistent blend. The robust steel structure and thick interior abrasion-proof linings of the ECO90’s twin-shaft mixer ensure durable performance while mixing particles of up to 150 mm in diameter.

Transportation is both easy and economical. After arriving onsite, they can be quickly installed as they need little or no foundation. The aggregate bins are designed to enable materials to be loaded effortlessly, with minimal ramps. This high level of functionality, with simple operation ensuring quality concrete production, is a key advantage of the affordable Eurotec ECO series – and was instrumental in attracting ZFM’s repeat business.

Zeidan Zeidan, Managing Director of ZFM, with the ECO50 stationary concrete batching plant.

Nice and easy does it every time

“Beginning with our very first machine, we were very impressed with how easy it was to use the Eurotec batching plants,” said Zeidan Zeidan, Managing Director, ZFM. “Nevertheless, with our long experience and strong reputation in the construction sector, it is vital that we continue to deliver the best-possible service to our clients, and this is why we add extra value by hiring expat operators to oversee production. These operators have been highly trained in the art of producing concrete in the optimum way, as well as efficiently carrying out preventive maintenance to ensure our plants always remain operational and ready to serve.”

In addition to offering user-friendly engineering design, Lintec & Linnhoff’s responsive and intelligent approach to customer support helps operations run smoothly for ZFM. Both online and in-person customer service ensures that on the rare occasion issues do arise with the plants, they are swiftly identified and resolved. Seamless parts logistics, experienced technicians and a customer-first philosophy combine to ensure productivity and profitability remain at their maximum for the customer.

“The easy contact and communication with the Lintec & Linnhoff team, and in particular the readiness of the technical team to assist in the event of any issues was another major factor in our decision to buy additional Eurotec models,” concluded Zeidan. “Will we ever finalise our collection with the ECO120, the biggest model in the range? Only time and infrastructure plans will tell!”


Punitha Govindasamy

Assistant Marketing Director

Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte Ltd




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