Trust in reliable German asphalt mixing technology, refined since 1919

Linnhoff was established in Germany in 1919. Apart from being one of the oldest names in the industry, it is also a leading brand of asphalt mixing plants. Word of our quality and reliability has spread as far and wide as the roads paved by the hot mix asphalt produced with Linnhoff asphalt mixing plants over the last century.

Explore the features and benefits of our comprehensive range of products below:

Energy saving

With our unique dual function screen drum technology that combines the drying and screening of aggregates in a single drum, no hot elevator and vibrating screens are required, reducing overall operating costs from less maintenance and fuel savings.

Environment friendly

Equipped with pollution control unit utilising ambient-air cleaning system, exhaust gas and dust are filtered before clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere.

Fast setup and dismantling

Each plant is constructed of factory-fitted and pre-wired modules for swift modular setup and dismantling, reducing the installation time and labour costs.

Reliable performance

Designed with combination of cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials and components to reduce wear-and-tear. Less maintenance is required without hot elevator and vibrating screens, leading to lower downtime and maintenance costs.

Batch mixing

Separate weighing system equipped with load cells for aggregates, filler, and bitumen to ensure precision and quality of hot mix asphalt.

Easy transportation

The plant modules are designed with easy transportation features, for quick mobilization and high portability features.

Linnhoff Product Range

Whichever solution you choose, Linnhoff asphalt mixing plants are designed to withstand tough conditions, all kinds of job sites and various climates. Each solution is upheld by our commitments in constant innovation to develop a more productive, efficient, and eco-friendly asphalt plants.

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