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First Lintec CSM 3000 asphalt plant in Romania supports growing demand for roads

First Lintec CSM 3000 asphalt plant in Romania supports growing demand for roads

September 21, 2021



    • Long-term customer opts for Lintec asphalt plant as the only plant capable of meeting its needs
    • The Lintec CSM 3000 containerised asphalt plant offers the shortest plant build-time and boasts a 240 tons per hour output
    • The plant is the first of its kind in the Eastern European market

Lintec & Linnhoff has supplied a Lintec CSM 3000 containerised asphalt plant to one of its long-standing European customers in Romania. The Lintec CSM 3000 is one of the most popular models in the containerised asphalt plant range and this delivery is the first into Romania. There are now 14 Lintec plants in Romania, with the new arrival joining a fleet of 13 CSD plants elsewhere in the country.

For the customer, high productivity, easy maintenance, versatility, mobility, and regulatory compliance were all essential attributes when seeking a new addition. With its 3 ton mixer capacity, the machine boasts an output of 240 tons per hour and has a hot bin capacity of more than 80 tons. It also offers the largest screening area on the market, with 8 m2 available for sand screening and a configuration of six different screens for high flexibility and precision.

The Lintec CSM 3000 is one of the most popular models in the manufacturer’s range of containerised asphalt plants.

Stefan Patrascu, Area Sales Manager for Eastern Europe at Lintec & Linnhoff Germany GmbH, said the proven performance of a previous Lintec plant at the customer’s facility paved the way for the latest delivery.

Stefan Patrascu, Area Sales Manager for Eastern Europe at Lintec & Linnhoff Germany GmbH, said:

“Lintec is the only manufacturer that offers so many of the features on its standard model that the customer was looking for, plus we offer the shortest time for commissioning,” he said. “This customer has been happily using Lintec plants since 2007 but needed to increase its production levels to meet growing demand.”

Road building in Romania is managed by a government department, the Romanian National Company of Highways and Roads, and has been steadily increasing in recent years. The department currently has 15 new road projects under construction, with a further 10 at the planning stage.

The new Lintec CSM 3000 asphalt plant was installed at a production site approximately 100 km from the capital Bucharest. It replaced an older Lintec CSD 1500 asphalt plant which had been in place for over 12 years. While the CSD 1500 has been doing an excellent job, the customer needed to increase production from the 120 ton/hour the plant is capable of, so opted for the CSM 3000 which has double the hourly production rate.

“Despite producing over 1.1 million tons of asphalt with its Lintec CSD 1500 asphalt plant, the customer still found it needed to increase production to meet local demand,” explained Stefan Patrascu. “The CSD 1500 was moved to a new production site and we installed the Lintec CSM 3000 asphalt plant in its place, and the whole switch was managed in just over a month, which is incredibly fast for a job like this – and one week ahead of the predicted schedule! We also spent a further week on site with the customer providing full training for the new plant.”

The Lintec CSM 3000 features a modular construction that allows convenient installation on the job site.

Flexible and efficient plant

A bitumen filling station, natural and polymerised bitumen tanks, and emulsion plant with a 6 tons per hour output all contribute towards the Lintec CSM 3000 asphalt plant’s versatility and efficiency. Fuel options are provided to owners via a combi burner that incorporates both gas and oil, while 6 x 15 m3 cold aggregate feeders accommodate a high stock of raw aggregates. The high-capacity reclaimed silo in the plant tower provides a maintenance friendly solution.

With low emissions just as important as high productivity for customers, the Lintec CSM 3000 asphalt plant is designed with the highest filter area and airflow on the market, delivering best-in-class productivity and sustainable operation. Reliable, stable and user-friendly control comes from the asphalt plant’s advanced Miprotek M4 software.

“The Lintec CSM 3000 asphalt plant really is the perfect choice for this customer site,” concludes Stefan Patrascu. “It easily copes with the harsh conditions and deals with challenging aggregates or multiple mixes with no problem. It’s got the best fuel efficiency in its class and its many Lintec design features have been specifically targeted to projects in Eastern Europe. The next few years are likely to see an acceleration in infrastructure projects in this part of the world and customers are looking at ways to boost their productivity and efficiency, which is where Lintec & Linnhoff comes in.”

There are now 14 Lintec asphalt plants in Romania, along with the new CSM 3000.


Punitha Govindasamy

Senior Marketing Manager

Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte Ltd

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