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Lintec CC Containerised Concrete Batching Plant

Lintec CC Containerised Conctrete Batching Plant offers a diverse selection of sizes and performance capacities, meticulously designed with robust core components to ensure top-quality concrete mixes and an extended operational lifespan. These plants provide mobility, allowing easy relocation to adapt to changing project requirements. They also feature batch protection against adverse weather conditions, modularity for customization, wet mix capability, and low transportation costs due to their compact design. With fast setup and no need for concrete foundations, these environmentally friendly plants offer fully automated operations, plant security through lockable door access, and plug-and-play connections for hassle-free integration of components.

Lintec CCE Containerised Concrete Plant

Lintec's CCE Containerised Concrete Plant ensures unparalled mobility and cost-effectiveness. The Lintec CCE Containerised series has undergone rigorous testing at our factory to ensure seamless installation and optimal performance on-site. With a setup requiring just a 50-ton crane, these plants can be operational within a week and dismantled in less than a week, enabling swift relocation to new job sites. Each plant section is housed in a 100% ISO-certified sea container, ensuring cost-effective and straightforward transportation. The plant's stable base on compacted soil eliminates the need for concrete foundations. The Lintec CCE model features twin-stacked containers with a central stairway for easy access, facilitating maintenance for technicians and operators. Electrical fittings and components are securely built-in, safeguarding them from environmental factors. The containerised design effectively confines noise and dust emissions, while access to the plant tower is restricted to a single lockable door, ensuring security and preventing unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism.

Lintec UCP Ultra Concrete Batching Plant

The highly automated Lintec UCP series is the solution for big concrete needs. With models that produce up to 250 cubic metres of ready mix concrete per hour, the UCP series meets the needs of projects requiring thousands of cubic metres a day. At the same time, the UCP ready mix concrete batching plant maintains accuracy in ensuring the quality of concrete. The UCP series can be customised to suit the requirements of any major project. The twin-shaft mixers, controlled by computerised process control systems running on Windows OS, intensely mixes your concrete in three-dimensional movements.

Lintec PCP Portable Concrete Batching Plant

The Lintec Portable Concrete Plants are completely modular and portable and are designed for total flexibility. This portable wet mix plant is designed in modules for enhanced portability and easy transportation. The plants can be set up on a prepared compacted surface without any need for a foundation. They can be easily and quickly installed or dismantled.

Lintec WM Basemix Plant

Lintec BaseMix Plant (WM series) produces plant-mix graded aggregate base for the road pavement’s base course. Sometimes known as RCC Plant, it can also be used for stabilisation of road base, graded stones, wet-mix, Cement Treated Base (CTB), Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC), and more.