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Brazilian contractor’s first-ever Lintec asphalt plant helps local tourists go chasing waterfalls!

Brazilian contractor’s first-ever Lintec asphalt plant helps local tourists go chasing waterfalls!

March 24, 2022

    • The Lintec CSD2500B containerised asphalt plant was permanently installed along a stretch of highway close to the Argentine and Paraguayan borders to support construction and maintenance work throughout Paraná state
    • One of its first tasks was the improvement of an access road to the world-famous Iguaçu Falls tourist attraction
    • The asphalt mixing plant’s modularised construction allowing easier transportation was a key purchasing decision.

A prominent contractor in southern Brazil has ordered its first-ever Lintec containerised asphalt batch mix plant, permanently installing it by a major highway in Paraná to support its future maintenance and construction work across the state.

Attracted by the simplicity and low cost of operation of the Lintec CSD2500B, Cascavel-headquartered Pavimentações e Terraplenagens Schmitt LTDA, part of the Itax Group, ordered the containerised double-screen drum asphalt mixing plant.  Installation was completed by September 2021, with the plant installed on a section of the BR-277 between the municipalities of Guarapuava and Foz do Iguaçu, close to the Argentine and Paraguayan borders.

The Lintec CSD2500B containerised asphalt plant is installed along the BR-277 highway to support construction works in Paraná, Brazil.

One of the first projects to benefit from the CSD2500B was an improvement scheme on an access road to the world-renowned Iguaçu Falls, that is located on the border between Brazil’s Iguaçu National Park and Argentina’s National Park Iguazú. This group of 275 or so spectacular waterfalls, typically ranging from 64 – 82 m tall, is the world’s largest waterfall. As one of Brazil’s most popular attractions for tourists, they can attract well over 2 million visitors per year. Historically, most visitors have approached the falls from the Argentine side. However, with the improvements in accessibility that the Lintec asphalt plant is supporting, this should boost visitor traffic from the Brazilian side, aiding the local economy.

Anderson Schmitt, Partner – Administrator of the Itax Group explained:

“We had a completely open mind when we were making our choice of plant; we just needed a reliable unit that would be capable of meeting our customers’ future requirements in terms of high-volume production of a consistently high-quality asphalt mix. The CSD2500B appealed to us because it has a different, more innovative, layout to other brands that will simplify the low-cost manufacturing of asphalt mixtures for the construction or rehabilitation of roads, increasing the capacity of existing highways and executing a variety of urban infrastructure works.”

Features that boost productivity

Chief among the innovations that appealed to Schmitt was the unique double-screen drum technology. It reduces fuel consumption and maintenance by eliminating the need for a hot elevator and vibrating screens due to the combination of the heating and screening of the aggregates in a single process unit. The 46 m2 of screening area ensures the quick and effective processing of up to 45 tons of material delivered from the hot aggregate bins.

The Lintec CSD2500B containerised asphalt plant is currently working to improve the access road to the world-renowned Iguaçu Falls in Paraná, Brazil.

The modularised assembly enabled by its design in 100% ISO certified shipping containers lends itself to quick and easy erection and dismantling, as well as being highly transportable. In addition, the rigid ground contact this design offers ensures a high level of stability on suitably compacted soil, reducing plant setup costs by removing the need for a concrete foundation. Furthermore, the enclosed structure provides a pleasing industrial appearance and enables improved security via a single, lockable main access point. Walkways and staircases provide easy, convenient maintenance access to all levels. The CSD2500B has a capacity of 160 tons of hot mix asphalt per hour.

“The extensive range of customisation options offered by Lintec was another attraction for us,” Schmitt concluded. “Besides the already reduced noise and dust levels, it’s important that – being so close to the national park – we have the ability to add a pollution control unit, RAP recycling system or warm mix asphalt system when required. In fact, it makes sound economic sense to do so! In the six months we’ve been using the plant, it has worked flawlessly and it’s great to know we can rely on it completely to support our future projects,” concluded Anderson Schmitt.

One of the first projects for the Lintec CSD2500B was to provide asphalt for access roads to the spectacular Iguaçu Falls.


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Senior Marketing Manager

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