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Booming Philippines construction market sees strong demand for Eurotec concrete batching plants

Booming Philippines construction market sees strong demand for Eurotec concrete batching plants

April 14, 2022

In Batangas, Philippines a Eurotec ECO90 concrete batching plant has been supplying ready-mix concrete for commercial projects.

    • With strong domestic market growth set to continue until at least 2025, new Eurotec concrete batching plants are being commissioned across the northern Philippines to cater for the expected increase in demand.
    • The compact nature and high portability of much of the Eurotec range have been a crucial factor in the awarding of many contracts over the last 2-3 years.

With the construction sector in the Philippines predicted to grow by 16.1% during 2022, following a strong recovery of over 12% in 2021, Eurotec concrete batching plants from Lintec & Linnhoff have been a popular choice for construction projects.

Contractors and concrete producers in the north of the country, in particular, have been working on a variety of major projects throughout the recent growth period. They are also eager to capitalise on several exciting new opportunities. Under the national government’s Build Build Build program, PHP1.18 trillion (US$2.252 billion) has been allocated to the improvement of infrastructure in 2022, raising expectations of a minimum 10% annual growth rate until 2025.           

Concrete batch plants from Eurotec that offer exceptional portability have witnessed the greatest success in this market. In fact, this superb flexibility was a crucial factor for one Eurotec customer, which deployed a PTT120 portable concrete batch plant on a challenging two-year project, producing high-quality ready-mix concrete at the Manila International Airport.

The Eurotec ECT90 concrete plant is equipped with a highly efficient electric motor to reduce energy consumption and deliver superior performance.

Ready for take-off

Because the project site was close to the airport runways, all equipment had to comply with Manila International Airport Authority’s requirements. In the event of a security or safety threat, any plant on site must be able to be relocated at short notice. Even though the PTT120 is the largest model in the PTT/PTP range, with an impressive 120 m3/hr output capacity, its completely modular design and construction lends itself to being quickly and easily disassembled before being economically transported to another location, ensuring compliance with the edict.

Approximately 110 km to the northwest, in Pampanga province, a Eurotec PTT90 – the second-largest model in the range – is being used to supply large volumes of ready-mix concrete to contractors working on various commercial projects, including the construction of a manufacturing facility in the Clark Freeport Zone, and building projects in San Fernando city.

Delivering an output of 90 m3/hr, its highly productive twin-shaft mixer design was a prime attraction for the customer. As on the PTT120, the mixer has a 2-stage planetary gearbox for strong, equal torque and low heat generation. Manufactured in Italy, the mixer delivers a rigorous mixing intensity that enables large-volume production.

R. Sakthi, CEO, Lintec & Linnhoff Concrete Pte Ltd explained:

“The superb reliability offered by this design was a key factor in our customer’s purchasing decision. This customer already owns several other Eurotec concrete plants, which is a testament to their satisfaction with the brand, and their trust in its quality and durability.”

The PTT120 concrete plant is designed in modules for enhanced portability and easy transportation.

Compact and modular

In two provinces close to Manila, suppliers are relying heavily on Eurotec’s ECOTEC ECT60 portable batching plants to produce ready-mix concrete for commercial sales to local contractors, leveraging the compact, modular design that makes them a popular choice for smaller job sites.

To the west, in the municipality of Mariveles, Bataan province, one Eurotec customer installed its ECT60 on the site of a 450-hectare residential and commercial development that is set for completion later this year. To the south, in San Pascual, Batangas, a plant was installed in 2019 to supply nearby commercial projects.

With their 60 m³/hr output capacity, these compact plants offer convenience from start to finish. Transportation is both easy and economical; after arriving onsite, they can be quickly installed as they need little or no foundation. Two-sided aggregate bins, in a quadrant design, enable materials to be loaded effortlessly, with minimal or no loading ramps.

The same can be said of the Eurotec ECT90 which is being used for the production of high-quality ready-mix concrete for the construction of the country’s first ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant, at Barangay Villa Ibaba, near the town of Atimonan, Quezon province. Certified as an Energy Project of National Significance (EPNS), work on the US$3 billion Atimonan One Energy Inc., (A1E) 2 x 600 MW plant began in September 2020.

With the aim of providing a stable, reliable and cost-competitive power supply, the plant will be the most efficient coal-powered facility in the country. In accordance with the sustainable objective of MGen, the power generation arm of the Philippines’ largest power distributor, the concrete plant was equipped with a highly efficient electric motor to reduce energy consumption throughout its 90 m3/hr production cycle.

One customer in Batangas has been using the ECO90 stationary concrete batching plant to supply up to 90 m3/hr of ready-mix concrete for its own projects, as well as for those of other construction companies, since 2020. “Our customer purchased this unit after recommendations from another owner about the reliable customer support provided by Lintec & Linnhoff,” elaborates R. Sakthi. “Almost two years later, they’re now just as enthusiastic about the reliability, efficiency and quality of our concrete production!”

Designed with simplicity and functionality first and foremost, this affordable solution offers no compromise in the quality of concrete production, and is ideal for customers who demand the most cost-effective batching plant for high-quality concrete production.

The PTT120 plant produced high-quality concrete for a two-year project at the Manila International Airport.

If you build it, they will come

As the province of Laguna prepares itself for a spate of long-awaited infrastructure projects beginning over the next year or two, one concrete supplier in Calamba city has recently finished the installation of a Eurotec PTT120 portable concrete batching plant to meet the expected increase in demand for its services.

Known as the Spring Resort Capital of the Philippines due to its many hot spring resorts, Laguna is likely to enjoy an even-greater influx of tourists once several major transport projects have been completed.

Ready mix concrete produced from this plant will be used for commercial projects including roads, residential and commercial buildings, and highway projects.

With so much potential work on the horizon, the Eurotec concrete plants throughout the country are set for a challenging decade, but we are confident they can handle whatever the Philippines demands of them.


Punitha Govindasamy

Senior Marketing Manager

Lintec & Linnhoff Holdings Pte Ltd