About Us

Corporate Profile

Our legacy commenced in 1919, when our founder, Eduard Linnhoff manufactured our first asphalt equipment in Berlin, Germany. Today, our business has expanded far beyond to more than 30 countries around the world.

With long-term experiences, we combine tradition with new technologies to build the most premium asphalt and concrete plants that will suit all your different project needs.

Lintec’s advanced containerized asphalt plant, built from ISO sea containers, provides easy installation at site with low shipping costs. Linnhoff’s proven modular and mobile asphalt plants are energy-savings as no hot elevators are needed with the screen drum technology. From precast to ready mix, count on our extensive range of Eurotec and Lintec concrete batch plants to deliver a premium concrete pour.

Our Mission

At Lintec & Linnhoff, our mission is to connect people, bringing about equal opportunity and improving their lives through enabling sustainable infrastructure for the communities.

Our Values

Quality Leader

Driven by passion for perfection, admired for craftsmanship, precision and durability of our products.

Approachable Partner

Open, sincere and honest, the true partner that always listens to the needs of our customers and focuses on helping them.

Intuitive Designer

Empathetic genius, always designing with customers in mind, focusing on distinctiveness without sacrificing practicality and ease of use.

Eager Adventurer

Fully charged, ready for action; bold and vibrant spirit that is constantly seeking new and exciting opportunities to help push boundaries.


  • In 1919 Eduard Linnhoff founded the company Eduard Linnhoff Maschinenfabrik in Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany.
  • In the 60s the Screen Drum concept for Asphalt Plants was developed by Linnhoff.
  • This unique technology eliminates the need for a hot elevator and vibrating screen which are used in conventional Asphalt Mixing Plants.
  • The Double Screen Drum was integrated into the world’s first Asphalt Mixing Plant in 100% ISO sea containers.
  • Today, Lintec & Linnhoff is a global player with strong R&D capability. The Group has manufacturing facilities, subsidiaries, worldwide representatives, and global offices in more than 30 countries. We possess the know-how, experience, and efficiency for road and building construction industries.

Our Brands







Business Strengths

  • German branding and heritage of 100 years.
  • German technology – R&D facility in Buxtehude, Germany. Germany is a global leader in the road building industry (e.g. Autobahn / Federal Highway).
  • Pioneer in the design and manufacturing of ISO certified containerised Asphalt Mixing & Concrete Batching plants since late 1990s.
  • Established Asian presence since 1984.
  • Patented horizontal Screen Drum technology.