SINCE 1919

A global leader in asphalt
and concrete batching plants

SINCE 1919

A global leader in asphalt and concrete batching plants


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Our environmentally friendly Lintec and Linnhoff asphalt batch plants reduce your carbon footprint, lower the overall energy consumed during mixing operations, and allow you to recycle RAP material. With the option of a conventional plant or screen drum plant, both produce hot mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt for various applications such as road and bridge surfacing, tunnels, and airport runways. Our flagship Lintec containerised asphalt batch plants are fully enclosed in ISO certified shipping containers, featuring low noise emission, treated asphalt fumes and odour, and requiring minimal concrete foundation..


Our Lintec CDP series of continuous asphalt mixing plants ranges from 30-160 TPH. They can be assembled on a suitable and solid compacted ground, without the need for concrete foundations. They are conceptualised for easy and quick set-up and dismantling, making them suitable for short-term projects or mobilisation from one project to another.



The Lintec stationary concrete batching plants are perfect for long-term and larger scale projects that require greater volumes of concrete production, offering production capacities starting from 30m3/hr. These plants can produce specialised concrete mix designs to meet your specific project needs. The concrete plants can also be customised with additional plant features and advanced control systems. 


The Lintec portable concrete batching plant is the perfect solution for projects requiring small to medium volume of concrete production. Requiring no or minimal civil work foundations, they are suitable for installation at short term project sites or remote locations. Its compact plant size also helps to overcome space limitations, while its mobility allows it to be moved to wherever the concrete pour takes place.


Zeidan Zeidan Managing Director, ZFM

Beginning with our very first machine, we were very impressed with how easy it was to use the Eurotec batching plants. The easy contact and communication with the Lintec & Linnhoff team, and in particular the readiness of the technical team to assist in the event of any issues was another major factor in our decision to buy additional Eurotec models.

Jefferson Gayas Project Manager, GPPC Inc

Getting hold of quality materials when working on remote islands can be difficult, and equipment is often in short supply. It’s also rare for projects or consecutive jobs to take place on the same island so the ease with which the CSD2500B can be relocated makes that task much less of a headache.

Anderson Schmitt Partner - Administrator of the Itax Group

The CSD2500B appealed to us because it has a different, more innovative, layout to other brands that will simplify the low-cost manufacturing of asphalt mixtures for the construction or rehabilitation of roads, increasing the capacity of existing highways and executing a variety of urban infrastructure works.

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