Asphalt Mixing Solutions

Asphalt Plant

Our environmentally friendly Lintec and Linnhoff asphalt batch mix plants and asphalt premix plants reduce your carbon footprint, lower the overall energy consumed during mixing operations, and allow you to recycle RAP material. These plants produce hot mix asphalt and warm mix asphalt for various applications such as road and bridge surfacing, tunnels, and airport runways.

Highly Efficient Batching Plants

Concrete Plant

Our highly efficient Lintec and Eurotec concrete batch plants use the latest automation technologies and quality key components to produce high homogenous and low or zero slump quality concrete. The concrete batching and mixing plants can be used for precast and readymix applications, such as commercial and residential buildings, dams, and concrete road surfacing.

Concrete Cooling System

Concrete Cooling

Our diversified range of Eurotec concrete cooling systems uses different techniques to help produce the highest quality concrete pour by controlling and reducing the poured concrete temperature levels within acceptable limits. The products include ice plant for concrete cooling, flake ice plant, and chilled water plant.